‘Red Racing’ Dial 145.012-67 Omega Speedmaster


This is something of a final boss for those who worship at the altar of Moonwatch. It’s known as the ‘Red Racing’ or sometimes ‘Black Racing’, as both colors are distinct to this dial. There are two iterations, with and without a professional line, and fewer than 10 examples of each are known. For many…

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Omega Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz 35th Anniversary


A Speedmaster with a meteorite dial just seems right. However, it didn’t happen until 2010. Though it’s often assumed that the platinum 321 was the first meteorite dial Moonwatch, it wasn’t even second (that was the Grey Side of the Moon). Because the appearance is so similar, it’s often mistaken for the platinum 321. But…

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BA 345.0802 Omega Speedmaster


Omega gave the world the 861 Speedmaster in 1968. Despite many loupe-carrying nerds decrying the changover from column wheel to cam switching, the movement proved so effective for Omega that it remained in production effectively unaltered until 1992. And even then, the change wasn’t huge moving the 1861. Effectively, you were getting a Lemania 1873…

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‘Italian Albino’ 3893.20 Omega Speedmaster


A white dial Speedmaster is like a Ferrari in Le Mans Blue or Just the Two of Us by Bill Withers off vinyl, so wrong it’s right. Since my earliest years of watch writing, I’ve been shouting from the rooftops that there is a magic about white dial Speedmasters. Prior to the introduction of the…

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‘Blueberry’ Ed White 105.003-64 Omega Speedmaster


Omega’s classic DON bezel can exhibit some of the most varied ghosting you’ll find on any vintage watch. I’ve seen their palette age naturally to bright burgundy, green, and blue depending on the environment. Anyone who’s bought a box of crayons can tell you, those three are nowhere near each other on the spectrum. There…

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3575.20 Omega Speedmaster Moonphase


If you know where to look, there’s a lot of fun and value to be had buried in Omega’s neo-vintage era Speedmasters. The 3575.20 feels like a greatest hits album comprised of some of my favorites. There’s a bit of Italian Albino, 2915 Broad Arrow, and OG ‘Speedymoon’ all going on here, Now That’s What…

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‘Green DON Bezel’ 2998-3 Omega Speedmaster


A childhood hero of mine, by the name of James May, used to famously spend his summers between doing Top Gear making shit documentaries learning about wine. He was accompanied by storied wine critic Oz Clarke and would drive around France in an attempt to be educated, but mostly an excuse to drink daily. In…

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‘Ed White’ 105.003 Omega Speedmaster


I don’t understand much of modern Omega. Maybe I’m a cynic. But one glance at their website shows Eddie Redmayne trying to look like a grown-up with an orange Aqua Terra that was clearly inspired by an Oyster Perpetual. The once storied De Ville line now seems like a miscellaneous catch-all, flipping from passé to…

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BA 145.022-69 Omega Speedmaster


This is just a Speedmaster in the same way that Daniels was just a watchmaker; true, but it sort of isn’t, because it’s so much more than that. The BA 145.022 was not just the first solid gold Speedmaster, but intersects with actual space history much more significantly than just about anything else post-moon landing.…

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