Moonshine Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

Historically speaking, when Omega gets it right, they get it really right. There have been solid gold Speedmasters before and there have been solid gold Speedmasters since. But the Apollo 10 50th, and BA145.022 it references, are surely high-water marks. I will always remember the first time I saw a BA145.022 in person at a…

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2915-2 Broad Arrow Omega Speedmaster


The first of everything is not necessarily best. The first Beatles album, Please Please Me, comes nowhere close to Abbey Road. The Porsche 911 began as a VW Beetle. Mead comes nowhere close to an 18 year old sherry-casked Yamazaki. But Omega’s Speedmaster is one of the exceptional cases where everything was perfect from the…

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‘Ed White’ 105.003-63 Omega Speedmaster


In 1965, Ed White became the first American astronaut to walk in space. Needless to say, he is a hero. But he was so much more: an aeronautical engineer, USAF Officer, fighter pilot, crewmember of Gemini IV and Apollo I. He puts my entire life, and likely yours, to shame. Mr White tragically passed in…

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CB Case 105.012-66 Omega Speedmaster


Watch enthusiasts are, almost by definition, students of detail. Early Speedmaster productions, particularly pre-moon, offer a wealth of varying tiny details which may fill a lifetime of study. Few of them, however, are able to spotted across a room. I can only think of tropical dials, broad arrow/alpha handsets, straight lugged cases, and, for those…

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‘220 Error’ Bezel 145.022-69 Omega Speedmaster

Is it an expression of pride in scholarship or admission of madness that collectors often adore outright mistakes in watchmaking? The most infamous of this bunch must certainly be the double nine Air-King, royalty of the skies and mistakes in equal measure. Perhaps lesser discussed, however, is Omega’s equivalent: the 220. These bezels were applied…

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Tropical 2998-1 Omega Speedmaster


2889-1. There is no shortage of adjectives one could throw at this title . . .321, chocolate, radium, pre-moon, base 1000, and alpha-handed, I could go on. Save to say this: the 2998 is a sweet spot in pre-moon references for its alpha handset, chunky straight case, and historic significance. No, I don’t mean the…

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Apollo 15 40th Anniversary Omega Speedmaster


Apollo 15 was the fourth moon mission and first to focus on long duration lunar surface stays with a heavy focus on scientific operations. In total, the crew spent 18 hours and 37 minutes on the surface and twelve days from start to end. Perhaps most notably, however, it was the first moon mission to…

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2998-3 ‘Lollipop’ Omega Speedmaster


Adetail can make all the difference. The 2000s black series CLK AMG has just ever-so slightly anabolic wheel arches and multi-spoke alloys which allow the educated observer to mark it apart from some dime-a-dozen Germanic grocery getter. Similarly, a Japanese whisky with an age statement hidden on the corner of the label, these days, makes…

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145.022 Alaska II Prototype Omega Speedmaster


Grail watch gets thrown around a lot. And yet, here we are. This is not the commercially retailed 2008 Alaska Project, which I like to call the space coconut. No, this is that watch’s inspiration. ‘Alaska’ Projects were the codename given internally at Omega for wristwatches intended to be supplied to NASA for actual flight…

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