‘Ed White’ 105.003 Omega Speedmaster


I don’t understand much of modern Omega. Maybe I’m a cynic. But one glance at their website shows Eddie Redmayne trying to look like a grown-up with an orange Aqua Terra that was clearly inspired by an Oyster Perpetual. The once storied De Ville line now seems like a miscellaneous catch-all, flipping from passé to…

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BA 145.022-69 Omega Speedmaster


This is just a Speedmaster in the same way that Daniels was just a watchmaker; true, but it sort of isn’t, because it’s so much more than that. The BA 145.022 was not just the first solid gold Speedmaster, but intersects with actual space history much more significantly than just about anything else post-moon landing.…

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‘Speedymoon’ 345.0809 Omega Speedmaster Moonphase


Earlier this week, friend of Hairspring Robert-Jan Broer of Fratello wrote a fantastic piece on the Speedmaster Moonphase and all its iterations, which I’ve always felt is one of the most attractive flavors of Speedmaster. Something about the additional layer of vertical symmetry and light sprinkling of complication elevates the watch for me. Where it…

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Oman Khanjar 345.0022 Omega Speedmaster


This 345.0022 is like finding out Dame Helen Mirren loved acting in the Fast and Furious and sought out the role deliberately, which is true. Or learning that Chinese takeout boxes unfold into a neat plate with the ball of noodle at its center. Or learning that David Attenborough makes a lovely foie gras. Okay,…

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‘Ultraman’ 145.012-67 Omega Speedmaster


At face value, this is just a 145.012 Speedy with an orange seconds hand. But that’s like calling a Hemi Orange 1969 Dodge Charger just a car; it’s not. That’s General Lee. And this is Ultraman. The Ultraman is the Speedmaster enthusiast’s Speedmaster, a watch that demonstrates how far scholarship can develop a market. Omega…

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Tropical ‘Ed White’ 105.003-65 Omega Speedmaster


The Speedmaster is a perfectly executed chronograph with one of the most storied narrative arcs of any watch. But it’s a bit clinical in its precision. Utilitarian. Often, even a bit cold. I think through all the 861 Speedmasters of the early 90s with Luminova and solid backs. Each is an excellent watch. But I…

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Scott Carpenter’s 145.022-69 BA Omega Speedmaster


It was bound to happen eventually, we have a third million-dollar Speedmaster on the market. There was the somewhat erroneous 3.4M tropical 2915-1 result from Phillips. Then, perhaps more understandably, Wally Schirra’s 145.022BA hammered at 1.9M from RR. Now, another actual astronaut’s personal watch. It’s not a coincidence Carpenter’s is the same gold reference and…

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BA 345.0802 Omega Speedmaster

Omega gave the world the 861 Speedmaster in 1968. Despite many loupe-carrying nerds decrying the changover from column wheel to cam switching, the movement proved so effective for Omega that it remained in production effectively unaltered until 1992. And even then, the change wasn’t huge moving the 1861. Effectively, you were getting a Lemania 1873…

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‘Red Racing’ 145.012-67 Omega Speedmaster

For those who worship at the altar of moonwatch, there’s a lot to learn. Good luck distinguishing a CB case from an HF. Same goes for a 105.002 from a 2998. This problem is made worse by the fact that Omega people are so keen to demonstrate themselves as in the inner circle that they’ll…

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