Stelline Dial 6098 Rolex Oyster Perpetual


This humble Oyster Perpetual may be the best Exhibit A for the intense peculiarity of Rolex collectors. It’s a ref. 6098, which would normally be considered a quite beautiful 50s 36mm ‘Ovettone’ OP, most notable for being the Explorer’s great-grandfather. But this is no standard 6098, it’s stellar. Or stelline, in fact. It is one…

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2447NST Heuer Carrera Second Execution


There is no objective reason early Carreras should not be held in exactly the same esteem as manual pump pusher Daytonas. But that’s particularly the case for this, the 2447NST. NST here denotes a black dial with tachymetre, which really completes the minimal Carrera aesthetic by tying in Heuer’s motorsport history more literally. It’s properly…

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Voutilainen Vingt-8, Titanium


This is one of the most unusual Voutilainens I’ve ever seen surface and it’s not like there are many I get to talk about to begin with. The Vingt-8 is Kari’s aesthetic sense, distilled. What the Chronomètre Bleu is to FP, the Vingt-8 is to Kari. Only this Vingt-8 is in titanium with a space…

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3751 IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Rattrapante


Patek may indisputably own the perpetual calendar chronograph, but IWC contested the 5004 Perpetual Calendar Rattrapante in the same year it debuted with this: the ref. 3751 Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Rattrapante. It included the most infamous advertising campaign any watch has ever braved, almost unimaginable today, which began in the early 90s with the…

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Red Jasper Dial 1601/8 Rolex Datejust


In Datejust collecting, this is the peak. It’s a stone that’s not found in Day-Dates, a shade of royalty reserved for the Datejust only, which elevates the model to something far beyond 1601. It’s what’s known as a red jasper dial and it’s far less common than the already hard-to-find green jasper. Interestingly, while traditional…

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First Series Patek Philippe 3940J


This is a first series: Genesis. It’s the sort of 3940 that will raise the heart rate of even the most grizzled collectors. The very first 25 went to Beyer and were signed as such, then began the über desirable standard first series. They are solid caseback. Sunken Subs. And no interruption to that perfect…

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4-Line Dial, PCG 5512 Rolex Submariner


In vintage, there are two different types of people. Some like tropical dials, cases that were used until not a millimeter is left unscathed, watches with stories. Others want a museum example, something that is true and original, but looks like it was left in your grandfather’s drawer (as is often the tale). This is…

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Türler Dial 166.052 Omega Constellation Chronometer


It’s hard to think of a three hander with date that’s more classic than a 1601 Datejust. But they do exist. The vintage world has these little understudied pockets capable of amazing everyone. This is one. It’s a Constellation, and it’s a Constellation in the same way that U2 is a band. U2 are world…

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126509 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona


As a vintage lover, I like the Le Mans as much as the next guy. But one thing saddens me. It feels like we’re seeing the slow, steady extinction of the solid caseback. And solid casebacks are never cooler than when made in precious metal. Solid gold and platinum casebacks have been disappearing from brand…

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‘S.M. Alzouman’ 3700 Patek Philippe Nautilus


I have never met S.M. Alzouman, but I know that he is, to use the modern parlance, an absolute G. This is a 3700 Nautilus in two-tone, as late-70s as the Nautilus aesthetic gets. But I’m fairly confident you won’t have seen this dial before, because this is the only one. Retailer signatures are one…

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