Find a watch for sale you think we’d like? The Hairspring has an enthusiastic audience that would love to hear about it. If you think your find fits our criteria, send an email tip to [email protected]. We are deliberately selective in our features to respect our audience. All submissions are considered, but we prioritize for:

  1. Interest. We favor unique, unaltered, and well-cared for mechanical wristwatches.
  2. Significance. Is the reference particularly rare, innovative, or has it had a unique history?
  3. Value. If there is clear value to be had, for example in an underestimated ask or no reserve auction, priority is given.
  4. Photography & Detail. Listing quality is very important for our site and to accurately assess an example. Image quality and composition are valued, min 760px wide.

*If you are a private seller, we offer exclusive listing benefits. Watches listed exclusively with us will be featured in the site’s banner, newsletter, exclusive category, and across our social media. Please include as much detail as possible in your description. We also select seller-submitted watches for the above criteria.