Hairspring began in late 2016 with a simple goal: to sift through the very best of the entire watch market to attract and bring closer together a community of thoughtful enthusiasts.

The watch marketplace is a murky and highly fragmented one. We seek to de-fragment and add some clarity by highlighting great watches for sale from great collectors, retailers, and auction houses. We share the most interesting watches that come to market, a handful every few days, and attempt to tell their story.


How It Works

Hairspring features a handful of the best watches to come to market every few days through entertaining and informative short articles. We strive to be the best secondary market watch media around. It's the best of everywhere, all in one place.

The feed is comprised of two watch feature types: Finds and Exclusives. Finds are notable watches offered for sale from unaffiliated third parties who are regarded well in our community, great watches we find out in the wild. Exclusives are watches retailed in-house by Hairspring, both inventory and, often, consignments from our readership. We strive to showcase only watches worthy of our readers’ attention across both categories.

We offer frictionless consignment services with prepaid insured shipping, photography, and writing included if you’re ready to move out of an interesting watch. Further information, including pricing, is available upon submission of a consignment form. Readers may also flag a notable watch in the market to be featured with the ‘get featured’ button on site.

Whether to read casually, learn, discuss, hunt, or sell, welcome to the heart of watch enthusiasm.


Erik Gustafson, Founder