‘Speedymoon’ 345.0809 Omega Speedmaster

Surely if any chronograph deserves a moonphase complication, it’s the Moonwatch. But, like all good things, it was only introduced in the 80s. This is the ref. 345.0809, better known by collectors as the Speedymoon. Not only does it bring the most romantic of complications to the party, but it adds a date, cool flanking text at the 6 subdial like an early Saxonia, total vertical symmetry, and a wealth of strange nuances to learn. It was the most complicated Speedmaster that had been made in 1985 and it looks far prettier than the most complicated Speedmaster that’s made today.


However, it sold horribly in period. Between 85-89, fewer than 1300 examples are thought to have been made. And, of that, 15% were made as strap-only models largely for the Mexican and Italian market. So really, it’s more like 1100 bracelet 345.0809 out there. Imagine Rolex having made a moonphase Daytona for three years in the 80s. How does no one talk about these? Interestingly, like the Daytona, the case was made by Charles René Spielmann and has dual pushers in the brushed midcase’s left hand side. Otherwise, it’s a Speedmaster as you know it, just more symmetrical.

The three main types of these are distinguished by the moonphase: There are the ‘large moon’ discs with 5 pointed starts (this) and ‘small moon’ discs with slightly smaller moons and four or six pointed starts, which made up the bulk of production. Then there is a smiling moon, each of which was hand painted, of which there are thought to be fewer than 25 examples. Those sell for double to triple the standard market. And then you have to watch out for service dials, where the date feet from 21 to 9 flip and point outward.

I think it hasn’t caught on because the nickname’s a bit shit. It’s objectively rarer and more complicated than the ‘Holy Grail’. To my eyes, it’s also prettier. And the fact that there are 25ish uber-rarities out there (many of which are probably not known or appreciated yet), well, that’s simply awesome. So, what to call it to remedy this? Lean into symmetry and name it after some celeb with the most symmetrical face? The David Gandy? The Sienna Miller? Maybe we call it the ‘Life of Brian’ instead of ‘Holy Grail’ (Monty Python gag)? Or maybe we just call it the Actual Moonwatch. Whatever you call it, it’s sick.

This example tracks on all levels. I don’t see any service parts, the dial is great, and case is super sharp. It even comes with an Extract of Archive from back when Omega still did that sort of thing. It notes delivery to Austria in ’86. It comes from a well-regarded French retailer.