‘Semainier’ 47052 Vacheron Constantin Triple Calendar, White Gold


Pre-Richemont Vacheron Constantin can be accurately summed up by just the hands and dial of this ref. 47052. The hands are voluminous and domed, almost cylindrical with a mirror polish. That finishing takes time. And then there’s the dial: ‘Vieux Panier’ hand guilloché that almost resembles brushstrokes, applied Matese cross, hand-lettered months, and a solid…

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Breguet Dial 44920 Movado Celestograf


When watch enthusiasts say vintage Movado, they’re usually picturing an M90 series chronograph. But that’s not even close to where it ends. This Celestrograf is as complicated as vintage Movado gets and it’s about as lovely a complete calendar as has even been created. This is from the mid-40s, 18k gold, and has some of…

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Farsi Dial 2606-8 Omega Cosmic Complete Calendar


The ref. 2606 Omega Cosmic is a discreetly excellenct, lightly complicated, and often overlooked mid-century masterpiece. At the time, it was the height of the Omega catalogue. It’s one of the more overlooked Omega references, as complete (or casually called triple) calendars are relatively to the latter perpetual calendars. But, as you can clearly see,…

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6595 Blancpain Complete Calendar Moonphase


So you’ve been watching the fall auctions and standout Rolex 6062 lots, pining. Some have used the headline ‘most beautiful Rolex ever made’. But let’s say you don’t have the spare 2M CHF sitting around that one commanded a few days ago. Fret not, JCB and Blancpain’s best ever sequences of releases from the 90s…

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‘Jean-Claude Killy’ 6236 Rolex Datocompax


Every discipline has its greats. Rock has the Stones. Italian has risotto. Le Mans has the 917. Absolute pricks have Kim Jong Un, second only to Jake Paul. But ski racing? Skiing has Jean-Claude Killy. The French alpine skier took home a trifecta of golds in the 1968 Winter Olympics, a dominant force. This skill…

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8171 ‘Padellone’ Rolex Triple Calendar Moonphase


Rolex does not often appear next to the word ‘complicated’. Rolex pride themselves on creating tools for professionals, however outdated that worldview may be in 2022. However, when Rolex do flirt with complication, the results are often breathtaking. In all their 117 years in watchmaking, only two Rolex references have ever featured a moonphase: the…

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Value Proposition: 71.1309.70 Wakmann Triple Calendar Chronograph


Interesting and attractive watches can still be found for reasonable prices. Wakmann were, from the 1940s until 1970s, a US importer for Breitling. Toward the middle of that tenure, the group decided to branch out and bring their own sporting watches to market. In doing so, they tapped Breitling’s supply chain for high quality, value-based…

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Unique ‘K.W. Co’-Signed Rolex 6062 Triple Calendar


It is auction season and every year I seek to offer you all the one or two lots which I covet most passionately. This year, the one that caught my adoration more than most is this: a steel 6062 double signed by a retailer of mysterious origin. Yes it’s good looking, yes there’s intrigue, yes…

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