Farsi Dial 2606-8 Omega Cosmic Complete Calendar

The ref. 2606 Omega Cosmic is a discreetly excellenct, lightly complicated, and often overlooked mid-century masterpiece. At the time, it was the height of the Omega catalogue. It’s one of the more overlooked Omega references, as complete (or casually called triple) calendars are relatively to the latter perpetual calendars. But, as you can clearly see, this is no average Cosmic, with a dial and indeed even rarer the day and month indication in Farsi (Persian). Think of it as a more diminutive, less snobby, Iranian Padellone. Yes, it’s likely Iranian.

Farsi dial Cosmics are a known quantity, this was not a special order but rather a part of a very small run that went to the Middle East. If you study the dial closely, it’s not the Eastern Arabic we see in many editions today, but a Farsi with the heart-shaped 5. Interestingly, if you study prior auctions of Persian Cosmics you’ll find most that have extracts were originally sold in Iran. It is thought that most if not all of these were sold in Tehran, a then oil-rich capital (with some help from the CIA to solidify Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s rule) with grander dreams. I can only image what this watch must have meant to its original purchaser in period. A symbol of success, successful trade with the West, and the Middle East’s emergence on the world-stage.

The Cosmic was made in five circular references in this 35mm (ref. 2606, 2471 and 2473) and a few 37mm cases (ref. 2485 and 2486). We see Farsi dials in mostly 2606 and 2486. This example is pink gold plated, which is a bit of a quirk of the era. Steel, plated, and solid were all available to clients. Its dial has patinated to an almost leather like finish. In 2018, peak market, we saw a white Farsi dial hammer at Phillips for 180K USD. This made waves in the Omega collecting world and drew a few out of hiding. We’ve not seen a corroborating auction result since, the ’18 result was likely erroneous, but we have seen values on a steady and dramatic rise nonetheless. Since then, we’ve seen a few annually, which is far more than prior. Just not to those levels. Any example is always a treat to behold, but particularly this heavily patinated black dial. Almost a bit oily black, one might say.


This example is not perfect but quite original and lovely for it. The most obvious point of note is the handset, whose luminous center has fallen in sections. The dial’s radium has burned totally black in the desert sun. And its gilt text is perfect for it, with a metallic patina. The plated pink gold has held up remarkably well, someone deeply loved this watch and took case to wear it gently. I normally can’t get along with a plated case, but every rule has its exceptions and this definitely is one. I’d be very curious to get an Extract of Archive, unfortunately Omega don’t do that anymore. But no matter where this was sold, it’s a complicated time capsule of mid-century Middle East. A better time in some respects. It comes from a well-regarded Dutch retailer.