Breguet 7027 Tradition


Who knew a love letter to pocket watch architecture could still stir up so many emotions? Breguet introduced the 7027 in 2005 to little fanfare. Over a decade later, this reference is still a niche enthusiast’s choice. Breguet designed an open dial aesthetic that was defiantly avant-garde. Yet, when specified in this rose gold coin…

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Patek Philippe 3587 Beta 21


Some watches are undeniably beautiful. Others serve a specific purpose. Some watches are an artful celebration of mechanics. Others, however, are just fucking strange. The Patek Philippe back catalogue is nearly unrivaled in its nuance. Buried behind the 5711s, 1518s, 3417s, and 1563s are some more distinct references that time has passed by. Among them…

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Openworked AP Royal Oak Quantième Perpetual 25829OR


I have heard it said that art may have no other purpose than itself. I find this a useful mnemonic to delineate what I consider artful approaches in our sphere of horology. A 2446 Big Eye Autavia is beautiful, but in this light it is not art. That is a watch which was created to…

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FP Journe Chronomètre Souverain Dubai LE


I’m not sure a boutique opening has ever been celebrated with such style. To celebrate the opening of the Dubai Boutique, Journe released 99 examples of fan-favorite Chronometre Souverain in a brilliantly unusual green. Although it was certainly the year of the green dial, this one simply hits a little different. In Dubai, this shade…

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Dunhill Jaeger-Lecoultre Memovox in Yellow Gold


Watch collectors are a community whose interest lives and dies in the finest of details. The Memovox is a model whose history has spawned a handful of very interesting and nuanced variations. I have yet to meet a grizzled collector who does not swoon at a vintage Memovox. The watch you are viewing today may…

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Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down


One of the most singularly amazing recent trends of modern independent watchmaking is a decoupling of innovation from purpose. I’ve heard it said before that for something to be art it can have no purpose other than itself. In that regard, this Upside Down certainly earns its title as a work of art, though one…

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1680/8 YG, Black Nipple Dial Rolex Submariner


Rolex’s fabled gold Submariner may in fact be the single watch most classically representative of the ‘fuck-you-money’ attitude. Or at least, it was. See, the gold Submariner has gone through this sort of inverse bell-curve of public acceptability from the 1960s through today in 2021. To start, it was a hallmark of a highly successful…

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Tropical Grey Wedge Dial Patek Philippe 3504 Calatrava


The Calatrava has endured in many forms and may be considered the quintessential dress watch. However, this 3504 with its tropical grey-honey dial, wedged indices, and dauphine hands, feels somewhat more industrial that your average three-hander from the Sterns. The dial’s vintage warmth is accented by the white gold case construction for a thoroughly cohesive…

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Rolex Veriflat 6512 in Rose Gold


As under-the-radar vintage picks go, most anything that says Rolex on the dial is out of contention. Today, I present to you what may be the sole exception to that rule which is also attractive. The 6512 Veriflat was an oyster-cased Calatrava equivalent that only ever sold in rose and yellow golds. There aren’t many…

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1 of 250 IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Rose Gold Bucherer Edition


Once in a blue moon, one has to stare straight into the eye of discretion and say fuck it. For those outings, there is no piece which combines anachronism, flamboyance, or horological merit quite so effortlessly. It will even tell you when that blue moon is about to come. The evolution of the WWII pilot’s…

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