Volvo Dial 2447NST Heuer Carrera


Safety has never looked so sexy. Volvo make sensible cars for sensible people. I have many friends for whom an XC90 is more akin to the family dog than a mode of transport. As someone who comes from a very Swedish family, I can assure you the Swedish do not often take massive risks. We…

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Decimal Dial 2447D Heuer Carrera Second Execution


The three-register Carrera is one of the most adaptable and iconic chronographs to ever house a Valjoux 72. Many will think of the 2447 as a clean, minimalist, and scale-less chronograph. But that’s not entirely accurate, the Carrera is not one dial. Scratch the surface of On the Dash and you will see, the 2447…

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2446 ‘Jochen Rindt’ Heuer Autavia, Rare Rounded Numeral Dial


In vintage Heuer, as Wilsdorf and a few others, there is no shortage of inter-reference nuance. The Autavia is undoubtedly one of the most revered vintage chronographs all time. And yet, very few collectors are inflating slight discrepancies to massive proportions for profit; there is far less of the ‘meters-first’ type markups in Heuer. That’s…

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Value Proposition: NOS Heuer Pre-Carrera 73321S

Heuer Pre-Carrera 73321S

Ask any serious collector: condition is everything. There’s something truly lovely about handling something a half century old whose exterior belies that time. Some collectors prize originality, some prize beauty, and some cannot do without either. Most show-stoppingly well-preserved Carreras are beginning to dissapear. The heat in their popularity and recent collectibility is seeing most…

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Heuer 73463 Silver-Dial ‘Orange Boy’ Autavia

Heuer 73463 Silver Dial

Vintage Heuer has been coming into its own in the last few years. The Autavia, Carrera, and Monaco are the lifeblood of that revival. While the Rindt and Siffert are likely the most recognizable Autavia chronographs, this, the silver orange boy, is the rarer 73463. It may not have been glued to the wrist of…

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One Unreal Heuer Carrera 3647ST

The 3647 Heuer Carrera is a piece which needs nothing additionally said about it. The legacy of Jack Heuer’s leadership and his Formula 1 affiliations speak for themselves. The simple, legible design and accuracy of its Valjoux made a perfect pairing for a golden era of F1. The immediate success of the Carrera should be…

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A Singer Reimagined Track1 Hong Kong


I for one loathe all automaker to watchmaker analogies. As a keen enthusiast of each sphere, they are never right. Rolex is not like Porsche. Patek is not like Buggati and certainly not Rolls-Royce. Everything is too loosely connected to be useful, it’s always a vast over simplification. That said, I don’t think Singer Reimagined…

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The Lemania Heuer 510.403 Silverstone


Heuer’s original TV-case Silverstone is an icon of 1970s race-timing and Heuer itself. Often seen on the wrist of Lauda’s F1 team, it has a certain magnetic appeal. Often forgotten, however, is the reference that design culminated in. In 1983, Heuer utilized Lemania’s 5100/5012 workhorse to create this, the 510.403 Silverstone. It was never featured in…

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An Automotive Gem: Heuer 2446 Autavia


The snap-back generation of 2446, sometimes confusingly called ‘Heuer’s Submariner’, is a base for much of the brand’s current appeal. The moniker exists not for the use of Valjoux’s 72, but the iconic status today. Heuer’s earliest screw-back Autavias are more collectible, but these snap/compressor variations are no less interesting. These were the models often…

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1 of 66: MB&F HM5 CarbonMacrolon

Somewhere between madness and genius in Switzerland lies a small studio, Maximilian Büsser & Friends (MB&F). The don’t make watches as much as artful mechanical entertainment. When they decided to make a driver’s wristwatch a few years back (the HM5), it was unlike anything we’d seen. I called it ‘fit for Starlord’. That’s as may be.…

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