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Lip Genève ‘Paul Newman’ 830 Chronograph


Lip seems to be incapable of offering a vintage watch I don’t find hugely appealing. Maybe I’m vulnerable to the French disposition. This seems unlikely, however, as I’ve never bicycled while holding a baguette. More likely, I am attracted to the quirky nuance of their period designs, lack of pretentious BS, and approachable price points. This late 1960s chronograph is no exception to the rule. While it may have nothing to do with Paul Newman the man, it has everything to do with unique Valjoux 7733 takes. I am a fan of unique 7733s, and this is one of the most individual among the lot.


Once-large French watchmaker Lip are probably most famed for their very colorful chronographsshouty divers, or double-signed Breitlings. The brand was intended to slot just below a period Rolex product: quality, but for the people. How French. 

This 36mm steel chronograph houses a dial with square-division subs reminiscent of Paul’s own legendary 6239. This is not by coincidence. Singer, a Swiss dial maker who served a handful of manufactures, made both. Thus, like the Rolex, this Lip carries the Paul Newman moniker to distinguish it from Lip’s other 7733 chronographs. Its a lighthearted alternative with a lot of charm, particularly with its orange-tipped chronograph seconds hand. There is some controversy over the various types of handsets Lip used in these, but whatever the truth is all variations are fine by me. I’m about this dial and it seems so are most collectors.


This is an honest example. The dial is clear of major problems, all important. There is small paint loss in detailed sections, but nothing overly noticeable. Its case shows surface wear but stout lugs with bevels remain. Its movement is clear of corrosion and is said to be running well.

Find this Lip Paul Newman here from D-Timepieces for 4000 USD.

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