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Lip Genève Alarme 42992


If you can picture a Lapis Lazuli Memovox on acid, you’re already late. Lip Genève created it in 1972. Alarm watches are a deep rabbit hole and one that I’ve been descending further and further this year. There’s the abundance of Memovoxes, a few Deep Seas, and even that recent Jenny. But all of those lack in uniqueness by comparison to this electric blue French UFO.


Lip was a once-large French watchmaker that slotted just below a Breitling or Rolex of the time. No compromise on quality but aimed toward the everyman (with then-modern, lighthearted design). The manufacture was famed for loud colors and bold proportions. The Alarme is no exception. The model uses a Barrell 39mm case and off the shelf 131-R882 automatic movement with a manual alarm (which is said to be quite loud.) With its domed acrylic, oval/tonneau/circle case, and red accents, this Alarme exudes French charm.


I’m pleasantly surprised to see such a well-preserved (relatively) low-end watch. Often, the 70s Lip pieces I come across have been worn daily and somewhat carelessly. On this example, I see a strong case, no large dents, completely beautiful dial, and strong undiluted color. It comes on a Milanese band from a well-known retailer.

Find this Alarme here from Those Watch Guys for 1075 USD.

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