2446 ‘Jochen Rindt’ Heuer Autavia, Rare Rounded Numeral Dial


In vintage Heuer, as Wilsdorf and a few others, there is no shortage of inter-reference nuance. The Autavia is undoubtedly one of the most revered vintage chronographs all time. And yet, very few collectors are inflating slight discrepancies to massive proportions for profit; there is far less of the ‘meters-first’ type markups in Heuer. That’s…

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11630 ‘Orange Boy’ Heuer Autavia


In watches, as most luxuries, there is often an asymptotic relationship between the amount a watch commands and the extra value you receive. In tangible terms, it means this: a 20K watch will not give you twice the enjoyment of a 10K watch, often it will give you about 1.5x as much additional enjoyment than…

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7863 Heuer Autavia 30 Dato


Heuer’s Autavia could be fairly said to be the backbone of vintage Heuer enthusiasm, alongside (but perhaps slightly ahead of) the Carrera and Monaco. To the layman, the Monaco is probably most recognizable for its Le Mans movie placement, on the wrist behind a 917K. The Autavia, however, was actually worn by real racers like…

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Heuer 1163 ‘Orange Boy’ Autavia


October is the time for orange and black, however it appears the market favors that combination in all seasons. The 1163 is a sought-after reference as is, but three variants stand out as particularly attractive to Heuer’s fanatics. The first, the Jo Siffert, needs no further introduction. Formula 1 made that what it is. The…

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‘Jo Siffert’ Heuer Autavia 1163T Mark VI


An 1163 Autavia with a panda dial and blue accents should just be an 1163. Thanks to some very intriguing history, it is not. Heuer were among the very first houses to attempt the automatic chronograph. That Caliber II is not what we have today. Today, we have a simple manually-wound beauty focussed on going…

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Heuer 3646 Second Execution Autavia


The contraction of Automobile and Aviation, Heuer’s Autavia has never looked better. The Autavia is the Daytona for people who actually do motorsport. Red Bull is coming back to dominance in F1 and in celebration of Mercedes’ reign ending, I felt it appropriate to post up a watch of their motorsport partner, Heuer. Heuer has…

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Heuer Autavia 2446 ‘Jochen Rindt’ Mark 3


In 2016, TAG announced a tournament to pit classic Heuer Autavia designs against each other in an online voting tournament. The winner, by a landslide, was what you see here today. It’s not difficult to understand the charm. The 2446 worn by German F1 legend Jochen Rindt was simple three register chronograph with one of…

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KAF-Issued Heuer 73663 Autavia


When you think military-issued pieces, you probably think milsub for the Royal Navy, MN Tudors, or the dirty dozen. You probably do not imagine Heuers for the Kenyan Air Force. And yet, funky-vintage-cool does not come much more funky-vintage-cool than this KAF-issued 73663. The Autavia was, as I’m sure you know, a contraction of automotive-aviation.…

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Heuer 73463 Silver-Dial ‘Orange Boy’ Autavia

Heuer 73463 Silver Dial

Vintage Heuer has been coming into its own in the last few years. The Autavia, Carrera, and Monaco are the lifeblood of that revival. While the Rindt and Siffert are likely the most recognizable Autavia chronographs, this, the silver orange boy, is the rarer 73463. It may not have been glued to the wrist of…

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Not That Pepsi: Heuer 2446C GMT


For the last decade, I’ve been slowly watching Heuer’s Autavia (short for automotive/aviation) gain favor from collectors besides Jeff Stein. There is a limit to how much one can spend on a 6263 before alternatives start to look more appetizing. Today, I think I can say the same for the 6542. This 2446C isn’t just…

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