‘Jochen Rindt’ 2446 Heuer Autavia Third Execution


To us, Heuer are not a quartz Moonswatch-me-too Hodinkee marketing exercise. Similarly, Heuer are not 18mm thick, uninspired chronographs made to give Frédéric Arnault something to do other than party. No modern marque may be so far off course from its roots as TAG. So let’s focus on the second half, Heuer, instead. Heuer were,…

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‘Andretti’ 3646 Heuer Autavia Second Execution


Early Autavias are amongst the beautiful professional chronographs ever made. They have the historic chops to rival pre-moon Speedmasters and even Daytonas. Speaking plainly, the other two evolved more gracefully with age in the decades that followed. The current TAG Autavia I regard as a shell of its former self. But the true vintage Autavias,…

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Tropical Mk2 Dial 1163 Heuer Autavia GMT


For all their motorsport ties and Ryan Gosling ad nonsense today, Heuer sure knew how to do a travel watch. And travel does suit the motorsport lifestyle, more than a simple chronograph. This Autavia would’ve been perfectly suited to time laps at Silverstone, fly to Monte Carlo, and time again while not loosing track of…

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Mk2 2446C Heuer Autavia


Not all Valjoux 72s are super-unobtainium. Daytonas are, some Universals are starting to be, and many screw-back Autavias are already there. But the latter, slightly blockier, and more robust 2446C is still represents significant value compared to just about everything out there. There are many subtle differences within 2446s, case styles, bezel units, hands, and…

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‘Orange Boy’ 11630 Heuer Autavia

In watches, as most luxuries, there is often an asymptotic relationship between the amount a watch commands and the extra value you receive. In tangible terms, it means this: a 20K watch will not give you twice the enjoyment of a 10K watch, often it may give you about 1.5x as much additional enjoyment as…

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Israeli Defense Force 113.603 Heuer Autavia

I watched the new Top Gun last night (I know, I’m behind) and I took two things away from it: 1. IWC must’ve gone nearly bankrupt paying for that pocket watch promotion. 2. People who wear PVD chronographs are cool. I know that’s not the moral Joseph Kosinski was trying to get across, I’m a…

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2446C Heuer Autavia GMT Second Execution

How many truly water resistant GMT Chronographs from the 60s can you think of? My guess is one, although there are a few others. The C or compressor case Autavia is possibly most useful 60s Heuer and it’s not difficult to image the lifestyle it was made for. This GMT offered the ability to fly…

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‘Jo Siffert’ 1163T Mk4 Heuer Autavia

If you’re into Heuer or the vast watch-motorsport crossover, you’ll probably know the name Siffert, given to a certain ref. 1163T with a panda dial and blue accents . . .but you may not know why you should care. It’s often said that the stars which burn twice as bright last half as long. Certainly,…

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KAF-Issued 73663 Heuer Autavia


When you think military-issued pieces, you probably think Milsub for the Royal Navy, MN Tudors, Type XX chronographs, or the Dirty Dozen. You likely do not imagine Heuers for the Kenyan Air Force. And yet, they exist. Functionally-funky vintage cool does not come much stronger than the KAF-issued 73663. The Autavia was, as I’m sure…

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‘Viceroy’ 1163 MH-Bezel Heuer Autavia


I am of a generation where cigarette advertising has been banished and demonized for the entirety of my years. Despite this, and largely due to a Formula 1 livery addiction, I find myself very nostalgic for cigarette-adjacent advertising from the late 60s and early 70s. Mission Winnow doesn’t quite do it for me. Evidently, I’m…

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