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Alternative Diver: Eterna Kontiki Super 130


If you’re after just any vintage diver these days, you’re well cared for. There are no shortages of Submariners, Seamasters, T-Graphs, or even 62MASs. However, if you get off on the lesser-known vintage models, your work is increasingly cut out. It’s quite difficult to come across a decent Enicar Sherpa Super Dive or Universal Genève Polerouter Sub these days. Equally, it is unlikely you’ll find another Kontiki Super 130 FTP quite as lovely as this.


The Kontiki Super was released in the 1960s as the professional model, aimed alongside the Fifty Fathoms and Submariner. The Kontiki was named for a legendary wooden craft which sailed from South America to Polynesia in 1947 on which all members wore Eternas. To create the Kontiki, they ditched their previous Gallet clamshell with a screw crown. In its place, an original case was designed under the moniker ‘super-waterproof’. Eterna was ETA’s original owner and developed a number of movements for them. The cal 1489K inside is Eterna’s own, though obvious similarites to its ETA siblings exist. If you want to see where, I highly recommend this blog.


The example presented here is in exceptional condition. The tritium hands and dial are matched and evenly yellowed. The dial is weathered but retains all its markings. Its case, particularly sharp. The movement is fresh from service. All told, this is a rare chance to have one of the most unique early divers out there.

Find this Kontiki here from The Watch Collector UK for 4395 GBP.

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