‘Big Eye’ 884100/02 Universal Genève Uni-Compax


Asymmetry exposes flaws. I have a vivid memory from my early years in design school of a professor stating, ‘If you’re going to make it asymmetric, the proportions have to absolutely perfect. Anything less and it will seem accidental.’ History would indicate that Universal Genève got the proportions, and indeed the balance of the dial…

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Universal Genève Compur R12445


After having recently featured Universal’s international variant, it seems timely that a lovely example of the genuine article is now on offer. This Compur, which later became the Compax, was a chronograph contemporary of Patek’s 130 and VC’s 4072. Neither of those chronographs are exactly unattractive. The same goes for this two-register gold Compur, a…

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