Tropical ‘Root Beer’ 1675 Two-Tone Rolex GMT-Master

You know that feeling when you go on holiday, come back, and just feel great? Perhaps you’ve been walking around more exploring, or at the beach out in the sun. You’ve lost a bit of weight and are sporting a light tan. You’re still you, just 10% more attractive. This ‘Root Beer’ 1675 is doing…

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Rolex 16753 Root Beer GMT-Master II with ‘Volcanic’ Dial


This watch has all the hype words: nipple-dial, root beer, two-tone, tropical, GMT, and Rolex. And yet, I don’t feel it’s a hype watch in the slightest. This is a nuanced, Rolex collectors’ choice. The tropical (if indeed that is the correct term) dial holds a perfectly reddish/brown marble patina, a beautiful ageing known as…

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