‘Green DON Bezel’ 2998-6 Omega Speedmaster


A watch may lead an infinite number of lives, but only some result in patina. As the saying goes, one should use their tools. This is a ‘pre-moon’ 2998, and no, your eyes do not deceive you, that bezel is green. Only a very narrow range of 2998 bezels are known to occasionally exhibit this…

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2915-2 Broad Arrow Omega Speedmaster


The first of everything is not necessarily best. The first Beatles album, Please Please Me, comes nowhere close to Abbey Road. The Porsche 911 began as a VW Beetle. Mead comes nowhere close to an 18 year old sherry-casked Yamazaki. But Omega’s Speedmaster is one of the exceptional cases where everything was perfect from the…

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An Exceptional 2915-3 Pre Moon Omega Speedmaster


I find myself incessantly craving a straight-lug Speedy these days. Maybe it’s the history. Maybe it’s the timeless design. Perhaps I’m just a snob for early reference varieties. Whatever the case, I think I just found Nirvana. The 2915 was the very first Speedmaster reference and genesis for all tachymeter bezel chronographs. This -3 is…

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2998 Omega Speedmaster Straight-Lug


In my mind, a Speedmaster needs alpha hands. This is, I know, nonsense. There are plenty of meaningful references with broad arrows, batons, or even lollipops. Neil Armstrong didn’t need alphas. And yet, I feel an unbalanced attraction to pre-moon and FOIS Speedmasters simply because of their hand silhouette. The 2998 holds a special appeal…

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2998 Pre-Moon Military Speedmaster


Give me alpha hands, a dot over 90, caliber 321 and I’m a happy man. However, when you add an interesting history I’m not happy, I’m obsessed. This 2998 is simply as good as they come for me. I don’t look for pristine safe queens or box and papers. I like pieces that tell a…

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