1991 Cartier Paris Crash

The Crash is that sole watch whose trajectory best encapsulates the last two decades of watch collecting as a whole. In the year 2000, very few would be able to describe the differences between a London and Paris Crash. Today, anyone who’s aware of Loupe This has that covered. It has blasted from relative obscurity…

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‘Paris Platinum’ Cartier Crash

Walking around any major city with a truly exceptional watch on wrist is a bit like walking down the street holding a Van Gogh above your head. Without wishing to be ostentatious, in many respects you are doing someone a very slight favor by adding a degree of culture to an otherwise very ordinary day (for…

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1960s Cartier Paris Tank Obus


What happens when you take one of the most famous watch designs of all time and alter it? 9 times out of 10, it’s a monstrosity. The Tank Obus is that 1 time out of 10 where the magic is not lost, only altered. Created in 1923, the Obus has been made only in extremely…

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1970s Cartier Paris Tank Cintrée with Bracelet


The Tank Cintrée has been around since 1921, very shortly after the first 1919 Tank. It was adopted by British soldiers in the Boer War for its relatively masculine proportion and the fact that it wasn’t a pocket watch. Post war, those same credentials propelled it to be the ultimate aesthetic pairing for timeless style;…

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