3450 Patek Philippe ‘Padellone’


Yesterday, in an airport lounge, I spotted what I think was a Massa RM 011. What I’m about to say is not morally justifiable. Whenever I see someone over the age of 25 wearing an RM, I don’t think ‘Nice watch, I’m sure they love it.’ And that’s what I want my mind to do.…

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‘Padellone’ 3448/1 Patek Philippe

If you didn’t know watches, you’d probably think being nicknamed ‘frying pan’ was an insult. But when Padellone (the Italian) precedes Patek Philippe, you’re looking at what might just be the most elegant perpetual calendar ever. At the very least, it was the world’s first scaled production, self-wound perpetual calendar. The ref. 3448 was made…

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8171 ‘Padellone’ Rolex Triple Calendar Moonphase


Rolex does not often appear next to the word ‘complicated’. Rolex pride themselves on creating tools for professionals, however outdated that worldview may be in 2022. However, when Rolex do flirt with complication, the results are often breathtaking. In all their 117 years in watchmaking, only two Rolex references have ever featured a moonphase: the…

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