6150 Rolex Precision Pre-Explorer


What is a Rolex Explorer? A 3-6-9 dial and sterile, steel bezel? Wearing a cardigan and doing no Exploring? Or does it have to say Explorer on it? This is the central question fueling a debate that’s been raging between the farthest gone of us for some time. This 6150 defined the case shape and…

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Taupe, Sigma Dial 1500 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date


Four digit Rolex are highly collected and often discussed, the era where many consider Rolex to have ascended its all-time apogee. Even so, the depth of Wilsdorf’s catalogue is such that one or two references have escaped the watchful eyes of collectors. The humble 1500 Oyster Perpetual is a distilled offering; this is everything that…

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Honda-Signed 15000 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date


When someone says piece unique Rolex, one imagines the Paul Newman, Bao Dai, 6265/9 Unicorn, Clapton’s Oyster Albino Daytona, or, if you’re really odd, perhaps the Lapis 16516 Zenith Daytona. But Honda? They make very well-built if a bit pedestrian mid-sized sedans, lawnmowers, and Asimo (the robot who falls down stairs). In what world does…

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6030 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Bubbleback

Not all symptoms of modern watch collecting are as lamentable as the AD situation or Nautilus hype would suggest. One marked advancement, to my sensibility, has been the return to svelte proportion. Now, this in no way meant to be domineering. Buy what you like and what you feel expresses your character. However, the inclusion…

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual 6088 in Rose Gold


In the early 1950s, Rolex created swathes of Oyster-cased wristwatches to cater the whims of specific watch-buying segments. Among those early efforts were a series of waterproof automatics meant to be durable and elegant dressier offerings, alongside the early Submariners. This is the genesis of the modern OP and it feels it. However, the range…

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