Honda-Signed 15000 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date

When someone says piece unique Rolex, one imagines the Paul Newman, Bao Dai, 6265/9 Unicorn, Clapton’s Oyster Albino Daytona, or, if you’re really odd, perhaps the Lapis 16516 Zenith Daytona. But Honda? They make very well-built if a bit pedestrian mid-sized sedans, lawnmowers, and Asimo (the robot who falls down stairs). In what world does the Japanese center of all that is reasonable and consumer-reports friendly collide with thee domineering luxury powerhouse of Switzerland? It turns out that’s the reality we’re living in. Meet the very possibly unique Honda-signed ref 15000.

For the sake of clarity, Rolex used to do a great deal more customization for their best clients pre-90s. Tiffany stamps, Oman khanjars, UAE eagles and even the infamous Dominoes stamp were all simply the result of a phone call or two with a great deal of voluntary cash under the table. The more obscure double signature orders were usually created as awards for various sponsored competitions or inter-business/organizational prizes. Such is the case here.


The backstory here is as bizarre as the dial (likely backstory, this has all been pieced together from fragments). Daytona International Speedway, who also partner with Rolex for the more storied 24 Hours of Daytona prizes, also host Supercross competitions. In 1985, that race was sponsored by Honda and given the title Honda Bowl. It is thought that this watch was ordered as a one off and awarded to Bob ‘Hurricane’ Hannah (almost certainly for having such a great name but possibly also for taking the 250 race). If there is any obscure double signature Rolex to put Tiffany to shame, surely it must be this.


While the dial is most of the value in a watch like this, it’s worth noting the case and bracelet are very strong. Full factory lugs, a lightly worn back, and original 62510 Jubilee. Not a mark on the dial. Handset and dial tritium are a deep cream tone. The Honda Bowl ’85 engraving is still deep and highly legible. All is well here. It comes from one of the very best names in vintage retail.

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