49005 Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calendar Chronograph


In the latter portion of my formative years, the three apes of Top Gear invented a phrase that has since fallen by the wayside, but is one I find quite useful: ‘MFB’, short for mother-f*cking Bentley. This was a slightly more nuanced point than it seemed at face value. At that point in time, Bentley…

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3741 IWC Mecha-Quartz Fliegerchronograph


It’s neo-vintage, but not what that title usually brings to mind. It’s like when someone says muscle cars and the C63 enters the conversation. It fits the category perfectly, but no one thinks Mercedes. It’s an IWC that hits all the pleasure receptors where modern watches often can’t: swathes of tritium, 36mm case, and a…

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