H40 Roger Dubuis Hommage Monopusher in Rose Gold

It is an unfortunate truth that, in our little world, hommage is often a dirty word. This doesn’t have to be the case, it’s just what happens when inspiration is taken lazily. Too many companies can easily copy design elements, grab a Miyota, and call it a day. But the H40? That’s an hommage like…

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Copper-Salmon Pulsations Minerva 1858 Monopusher in Steel


This is a hardcore dream chronograph and perhaps the truest expression of ‘if you know, you know’ collecting. This Minerva was released in 2002 under Beppe Menaldo and a master watchmaker Demetrio Cabbidu within the 1858 series, meant to pay homage to the marque’s immense history. Although largely overlooked today, neo-vintage Minerva is true haute…

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Seiko 5719-8980 ‘Olympic’ Monopusher


Increasingly, modern Seiko enthusiasts are pushing deep into the brand’s back catalogue and creating excellent scholarship. That creates intrigue, collectors, and value. Remember Bonhams’ controversial Seiko-Only auction last year? That was the hallmark of a market entering the public consciousness. One of the darlings from Seiko’s deep history, for both its innovation and historic significance…

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Value Proposition: Habring² Chrono-Felix Salmon Monopusher


Independent manufacturers don’t come much more independent than a single Austrian husband and wife duo. Richard Habring was trained in the 1980s through Karlstein an der Thaya and was something of a prodigy, presenting a self-designed minute tourbillon in an incline movement by graduation. After meeting Maria and jointly deciding fully on a horological career,…

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Ulysse Nardin Monopusher 386-88


Modern sleeper watches are few and far between. Discretion is not as marketable as it once was. This Ulysse Nardin Monopusher is a true sleeper in three contexts. First, the watch may wear a marking from Ulysse Nardin, but was originally designed by a young FP Journe for La Joux-Perret. This not widely known. Secondly,…

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1 of 100 Montblanc Villeret Monopusher 1858


Navy on steel may be a bit cliché in the moment. However, Montblanc preceeded this trend. A there’s no doubt they nailed the aesthetic. Their design echoes early Minerva pilots from after WWI, with modern touches and proportion. For the 1858 collection, Montblanc also redesigned their logo to a less cursive, nowhere-else-seen sans serif mountain…

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A Lemania RAF Monopusher Series 3


Aviator’s chronographs are certainly some of the more sought-after pieces in military collecting. The humble complication is a tool with an important purpose in aviation, but still useful outside of it. Lemania, in collaboration with Omega and Tissot, created some of the most robust, widespread military chronographs. Also, arguably, some of the most handsome. There…

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