Salmon Dial 14790ST Audemars Piguet Royal Oak


At this late stage, the Royal Oak is effectively its own brand. Just don’t ask AP and it all makes sense. In their long and varied run, Royal Oaks have inflated, deflated, grown pushers, gone complicated, ceramic, quartz, and even been desecrated by Spiderman. Like any brand, not all its offerings are created equal; I’m…

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14800TR Audemars Piguet Tantalum Royal Oak


To me, John Krasinski will always be the guy from The Office: affable, mild-mannered, agreeable. But have you seen his recent work? Some time around 2014, he hit what I call the Hollywood second puberty. Then came the traditional Men’s Health magazine cover, a 13 Hours of Benghazi role, and Jack Ryan (which would’ve been…

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