Farsi Dial 2606-8 Omega Cosmic Complete Calendar


The ref. 2606 Omega Cosmic is a discreetly excellenct, lightly complicated, and often overlooked mid-century masterpiece. At the time, it was the height of the Omega catalogue. It’s one of the more overlooked Omega references, as complete (or casually called triple) calendars are relatively to the latter perpetual calendars. But, as you can clearly see,…

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1 of 100 Middle East Edition Cartier Santos Dumont

Cartier have a long and storied history of quietly creating limited unique variants for particularly loyal VIP groups, markets, or even singular collectors. These watches are not usually clocked by the mainstream watch media and only surface years after release here, in forums, blogs, or in person meetups. Such was the case with this, a…

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1 of 100 Bulgari Octo Finissimo Middle East LE


Eastern Arabic numerals are hot; change my mind. Memes aside, I tend to fall on the side of Breguet numerals, Roman numerals or straight indices. However, even the most classic of collectors has to acknowledge the beauty of region-specific numerals, particularly when they tell a story. Dubai’s Watch Week, started in 2015, has done a…

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