Oman Khanjar 345.0022 Omega Speedmaster


This 345.0022 is like finding out Dame Helen Mirren loved acting in the Fast and Furious and sought out the role deliberately, which is true. Or learning that Chinese takeout boxes unfold into a neat plate with the ball of noodle at its center. Or learning that David Attenborough makes a lovely foie gras. Okay,…

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Khanjar Rolex Day-Date 1803 in Blue & WG


Why do I feature a mechanically standard 1803 Day-Date? Because every single khanjar Rolex has a story to tell. Additionally, they are just fucking cool. The khanjar, a traditional J-shaped dagger (which is a symbol of pride in Oman’s history), was used on Rolex commissioned for Omani royalty. Frequently, these pieces were also manufactured in…

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A Very Unique Rolex 1611 Datejust Khanjar


In today’s collector climate, where Rolex buyers obsess over the slightest font alignment of a rail dial, it’s refreshing to find an authentically unique dial. An authentically unique piece, at that. Khanjar or Omani Rolex are their own market with a dedicated following. In recent years, they’ve become more highly sought after. This could be…

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