A Gilt, Ghosted Tudor 7928 Rose Submariner


The classic four digit Tudor Submariner has never looked better than it does today. No date, gilt, and a rose dial to die for. Although the apple didn’t fall far from the Rolex 5513 tree, there’s some intangible appeal to Tudor’s alternative offering which is even stronger. This is particularly the case when examples are…

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A Gorgeous Gilt 5513 Submariner


It’s hard to objectively quantify why we like old watches. I trip over my own words writing here all the time in attempts to justify this insane fixation. However, I would assert that if I showed this 5513 and a modern 124060 to the everyman on the street side-by-side, they would understand. This classic gilt…

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Perfectly Wild Aging: Gilt Rolex 6605 Datejust

Rolex 6605 Gilt

There is good reason for collectors to favor gilt Rolex in some circumstances. There is also no need to explain the appeal of the Datejust design. When you combine these two descriptors and apply them to a 6605 that has clearly seen some life, the result is simply incredible. This piece comes from Dutch seller…

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