’10 Year Safe Driver’ Winn-Dixie 14000M Rolex Air-King


Alongside all the sexy Pan-Am, Qaboos, or Tiffany-signed Rolex dials, there are also a wide variety of more salt-of-the-earth stamps at 6: Pool Intairdril, Honda, Domino’s Pizza, and this Winn-Dixie. Winn-Dixie are US supermarket franchise of the South who, for many years, had thing for Air-Kings and fresh produce. This is an earned watch, given…

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Tiffany-Signed ‘Chicchi di Mais’ 16550 Rolex Explorer II


Some watches require very little explanation; their appeal is inherent. FPJ’s resonance is intriguing on the dial side and downright bewitching once flipped over. VC’s skeletonized perpetual calendars will not let your eye rest. Watching a Lange rattrapante split seconds with complete equanimity is mesmerizing. Others take a bit more background. If you’ve been into…

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Domino’s-Signed 14000 Rolex Air-King


Somewhere inside the Venn diagram of horological significance, pop culture, and master-level trolling lies this: the very elusive Domino’s-signed Air-King. The standard Air-King is an oft-overlooked, undersized, and restrained bit of Rolex sporting metal. The reference ran from 1989 to 1999. Inside that timeline, Domino’s was flying higher than ever. To commemorate the work of…

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Meister-Signed 14755-61 Omega Seamaster 300


The Seamaster 300 story began in 1957 with the CK2913. In that first Seamaster 300, Omega had created a reliable water resistance with handsome lines that recalled naval pieces of WWII, decades earlier. It was a monumental success, one which Omega built upon in this iconic, oft-overlooked second generation ref. 14755. As if that weren’t…

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Türler-Signed Vacheron Constantin 4178


This is thee quintessential Vacheron Constantin chronograph. Of all great VC chronographs, and there are many, only one or two others have influenced future designs or reached the degree of iconography the 4178 has. It stands alongside the 4261 minute repeater, 4737 Cioccolotone, 6087 chronograph, and latter 222 in the pantheon of greats. If you’ve…

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Unique ‘K.W. Co’-Signed Rolex 6062 Triple Calendar


It is auction season and every year I seek to offer you all the one or two lots which I covet most passionately. This year, the one that caught my adoration more than most is this: a steel 6062 double signed by a retailer of mysterious origin. Yes it’s good looking, yes there’s intrigue, yes…

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Türler-signed Vacheron Constantin Patrimony


An ultra-thin Calatrava may be executed to an exacting standard by a Lange or Patek. The Saxonia is a stellar (literally) modern Germanic discourse in simplicity. Patek’s Calatrava line may be the most historically storied time-only dial of all time. That said, I’m not sure either have executed their pure-dress offering with the same master…

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Rolex 6694 Oysterdate for Abu Dhabi Defence Force

Rolex-6694-Oysterdate-UAE-Abu-Dhabi-Defence Force

This extremely niche Oysterdate was commissioned prior to the formation of the joint UAE Armed Forces for the 1970s Abu Dhabi Defence Force. In 1976, the force was joined with the UAE’s Federal Armed Forces, Dubai Defence Forces, and the Ras Al Khaimah Mobile Force to create the joint UAE military Armed Forces. Before that,…

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