Unique ‘K.W. Co’-Signed Rolex 6062 Triple Calendar

It is auction season and every year I seek to offer you all the one or two lots which I covet most passionately. This year, the one that caught my adoration more than most is this: a steel 6062 double signed by a retailer of mysterious origin. Yes it’s good looking, yes there’s intrigue, yes it’s one of just three rolex reference to incorporate a moonphase. That’s not the charm. The 6062 stands out for me by its extreme discretion, which is only rivaled by its horologic merit. At just 36mm with a smooth bezel, no one is going to hold you at knifepoint outside a pub in London. But at any meeting of knowledgable collectors, this steel swan will always be the primary cause for swooning.

The 6062 was the first Oyster-cased automatic triple calendar from Rolex, an early marriage of complication and function. This is a trend which has aged rather well, fashionably, one might even say. It was hewn in yellow and rose golds as well as this (rarer) steel model. It is estimated that under 300 examples were produced in steel, total. That makes this watch all the more special for its uber-rare signature. This may be a piece unique Rolex, that much remains unclear.


What we do know is that the dial is signed by K.W. Co. This may stand for ‘Knickerbocker Watch Company’, who were an American Swiss watch importer in period. It may also stand for a now defunct retailer known as KW out of India. Origin is not clear. That leaves room for this triple calendar’s new owner to do a little work of their own to bond with the piece. That’s the kind of thing that works like catnip, or more accurately whisky, to me. In addition, like most steel examples, this dial features with Arabic 3 and 9, reminiscent of the Explorer dial. This layout was reserved for steel models and highlights its sporting pedigree.

Lugs here display full proportions. The all-important dial has some small spots, but present with patina consistent with age and gentle wear. All engravings are clearly visible. There is nothing out of place on this beauty. Just don’t expect it to sell below or at the estimate.

Find this KW Co 6062 here in Phillips Geneva Watch Auction XIV set to hammer Nov 7 estimated (600K-1.2M CHF).