Value Prop: Mk3 02.1310.400 Zenith De Luca


The quantity of inconspicuous vintage Zenith references whose value remains unrecognized bewilders me. This is probably the result of a somewhat chaotic and ever-changing brand philosophy filtered through the El Primero name. The De Luca took Zenith’s incredible hi-beat calibre 400 base (or 3019 PHC in the very early ones) and added an opaline-porcelain dial.…

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Mk1 Porcelain Zenith De Luca


When I say El Primero, you likely imagine the A386. You may even think A384, A3818, hell maybe you even think of the G381. What you almost certainly do not imagine is this: the early 90s chronograph which goes by De Luca. And yet, that’s a shame, because it’s one of the more classical modern El Primeros (if a…

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1 of 200 Blue Dial Zenith De Luca


The El Primero is a model range with as much breadth and depth as the best of them. However, Zenith can be a bit daunting for the recent entrant. Allow me to simplify. Modern Zenith is like a Tag’s cooler older brother. They’re generally a bit better at everything they try (don’t give the Inventor…

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