Tom Landry’s 18038 Rolex Day-Date


Tom Landry is one of the most important and influential figures there has ever been in American football. And this is his Day-Date. No, not just the same reference. This is Landry’s actual Rolex, the precise one that’s been immortalized and carved on his statue’s wrist outside Texas Stadium. Head coach of the Dallas Cowboys…

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Lapis Dial 18038 Rolex Day-Date


Stone dial Rolex is having its day and I don’t think that’s for rarity alone. A stone dial gives what is ultimately a standardized product an edge of uniqueness as well as personal style. It’s kind of like ice cream, we all appreciate ice cream as a category and uniquely delicious ice cream, but everyone…

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Green Stella 18038 Rolex Day-Date


What is a summer watch? Prepare yourself, I’m about to move through some contrived tropes. Is it anything on a bracelet, for obvious humidity resistance and cleanliness? No, that level of simplicity is like calling anyone who appears on camera an actor. Jason Derulo is now an avid Tiktokker. He’s not an actor. Or, arguably,…

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Birch Burlwood Dial 18038 Rolex Day-Date


Birch is the kind of adjective you expect to find next to ‘Eames Chair’, not ‘Day-Date’. We all know Rolex has used the Day-Date to host hundreds of exotic dial materials, many in extremely low volumes. Readers here will know of my affection for ligneous Presidents, but I haven’t elaborated on their intricacies yet. Like…

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Lapis Lazuli 18038 Rolex Day-Date


If you thought the Day-Date couldn’t get more glamorous, you were wrong. Sure, Rolex’s Day-Date has played host to many an exotic dial. But even among the coveted stella, missoni, rubellite, wood burl, and aventurine dials, many consider the depth of lapis lazuli blue the most desirable. Moreover, this Lapis Lazuli is one without ornamentation, completely…

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Pleiade 18038 Rolex Day-Date


I must admit outright, I am not much of a diamond dial person, factory or otherwise. But I do strive to educationally Where to begin a diamond Day-Date as uncommon as this? Masterfully crafted and ostracized or adored in equal measure depending on one’s stance; I must admit outright not to be much of a…

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Coral Stella Dial Rolex 18038 Day-Date


The Day-Date (colloquially President) is arguably Rolex’s most iconic model, full stop. It is classic, subdued, sophisticated, timeless, and coveted. Like much of vintage Rolex the variety of iterations and custom-order examples within this one model could serve as subject to multiple volumes of research. This elicits the query, where to start? Well, when Eric…

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