‘Red Racing’ Dial 145.012-67 Omega Speedmaster


This is something of a final boss for those who worship at the altar of Moonwatch. It’s known as the ‘Red Racing’ or sometimes ‘Black Racing’, as both colors are distinct to this dial. There are two iterations, with and without a professional line, and fewer than 10 examples of each are known. For many…

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‘Red Racing’ 145.012-67 Omega Speedmaster

For those who worship at the altar of moonwatch, there’s a lot to learn. Good luck distinguishing a CB case from an HF. Same goes for a 105.002 from a 2998. This problem is made worse by the fact that Omega people are so keen to demonstrate themselves as in the inner circle that they’ll…

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145.012-67 ‘Ultraman’ Omega Speedmaster


For what is ‘just’ a Speedmaster with an orange hand, a great deal of lore surrounds the original Ultraman. For many years, there was contention in forums about just what was or was not kosher. Did production cover multiple years? Was the hand produced in collaboration with the Japanese TV series? Did the TV series…

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Ghosted 145.012-67 Omega Speedmaster


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, I know, I’m a bit rough to look at. Perhaps that’s why I like the well-worn aesthetic of this 1967 145.012. I also find myself highly drawn to the reference, patination aside. This is what a watch guy thinks of when someone says the…

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1 of 50 ‘Ultraman’ 145.012-67 Omega Speedmaster


With the massive increase of watch-afflicted addicts in the last decade, it is rarer and rarer for eBay to throw up obscure, extremely attractive wristwatches. Private collectors, retailers, and auction houses are all keeping a hawk’s eye. That is why I was so surprised to stumble across this Monday morning—a (possible) original Ultraman. For those…

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