Hobnail-on-Hobnail 15509 Audemars Piguet Ultra-Thin


This is not an integrated bracelet watch. It is a watch integrated by its finishing. By that, I mean this example has been carefully manufactured such that the dial, case, bracelet, and, hell, even the clasp are all a consistent hobnial texture. Guilloché is an art form all itself, but to see the technique appliied…

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Rolex Veriflat 6512 in Rose Gold


As under-the-radar vintage picks go, most anything that says Rolex on the dial is out of contention. Today, I present to you what may be the sole exception to that rule which is also attractive. The 6512 Veriflat was an oyster-cased Calatrava equivalent that only ever sold in rose and yellow golds. There aren’t many…

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Piaget 908 C4 Clous de Paris Ultra-Thin


I adore when the market allows me to present something a bit left-of-center and eclectic watches don’t come much more elegant that this 1970s ultra-thin, mechanical Piaget. In the period where quartz was ruining the foundations of Switzerland, Piaget doubled-down by creating an ultra-thin, highly-finished, caliber 9P. Despite their massive efforts, the watch today goes…

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