2390 Cartier Tank Basculante Mechanique


Nothing in Cartier is even close to a value now, surely? No. The 2390 is a screaming value buy even today. It’s mechanical. Or, wait, because it’s Cartier it’s Mechanique. It’s almost a tool watch, here in steel. If you’re a Polo player, the Reverso isn’t the value play today. That’s the Basculante. Its Frederic…

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Cartier Tank Cabriolet Reversible


This is where the Basculante started, except this one is so vintage that back then Cartier just called it the Tank Cabriolet Reversible. The Basculante naming convention only became standardized around the ref. 2390 in the 90s and this incredible time capsule dates from the 1940s. If you’re a student of detail, you’ll notice almost…

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Cartier CPCP Basculante 2499C


If this whole post seems backwards, it’s because we’re looking at something French with two faces. Or perhaps I should say a watch without a rear, because today describing something as two-faced and French is just how you pronounce Emmanuel Macron in English. This is the CPCP Basculante, with a quite rare exhibition caseback. Of…

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150th Anniversary Cartier Tank Basculante


Of all the innumerable iterations of the Tank, the Basculante (literally translates as tilting) is perhaps Cartier’s most spellbinding. This particular Basculante is a mechanique, released after the CPCP iteration and powered by the F. Piguet, gold, hand-wound calibre 610 in 1997 as part of the ‘I Love Cartier’ collection commemorating the manufacture’s 150th. If…

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