206-705-504 Movado Super Sub Sea

Everyone loves an underdog story. We root for Argentina. Critics fawn when a shed-built Lotus edges out a Porsche. It’s why hipsters exist, always trying to hop on the small but rising trend. But when two underdogs collaborate? I really struggle to think of successes. For example, the recent Fiat 124 was a collaboration between…

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Cartier Movado Super Sub Sea M95

The majority of quotes, particularly on social media, I find meaningless and unapplicable. One which has repeated with me through life, though, comes from Brooker T Washington: ‘The best way to lift one’s self up is to help some one else.’ Evidently, Cartier thought so too. Because despite what this dial may tell you, you’re…

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A Near-NOS Movado Super Sub Sea


I occasionally feel privileged to share some of these watches with you. This is, of course, quite silly. I don’t own any of the pieces I feature. I often have no acquaintance or relation to the seller. But in spending hours digging through forums and retailer pages, I occasionally find overlooked gems. Today is one…

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