Spider, Burgundy Dial 2960 Cartier Santos Carrée


Cartier has done the sports watch but once. It’s the Santos, and while whether the bracelet is integrated or not is a matter of debate, pretty much everyone agrees that the ref. 2960 is in the spirit of a Royal Oak, Nautilus, or 222. It’s as close as Cartier ever came. It is an aviator’s…

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Spider Dial 16750 Rolex GMT-Master

Of all the varied types of ageing a watch may exhibit, what collectors call a spider dial must be the most contentious amongst people who really know Rolex. You think Israel v Palestine has some ardent extremists? Walk this GMT into the Hodinkee office and watch a civil war ensue. Every watch journalist has used…

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A Reasonable, Late, Spider Dial 5513 Rolex Submariner


I think I have a real problem; I’ve started to like all the little nuances that exist in Rolex collecting. I enjoy spotting a rail, floating Tiffany Cosmograph, underline, or exclamation point dial. I know it’s sick. Today I’m writing to feature a lovely example of the late 5513 with white gold surrounds that sports…

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