Fumé Dial 110.313 Heuer Silverstone


Some watches seem removed from time, perennially elegant, like the 3940, 1463, 5513, or any other arrangement of four digits from Patek or Rolex that you care to mention. Others lean into their era and attach themselves to it violently, like tap dancing on the Titanic until the trends change and it sinks. The Silverstone…

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The Lemania Heuer 510.403 Silverstone


Heuer’s original TV-case Silverstone is an icon of 1970s race-timing and Heuer itself. Often seen on the wrist of Lauda’s F1 team, it has a certain magnetic appeal. Often forgotten, however, is the reference that design culminated in. In 1983, Heuer utilized Lemania’s 5100/5012 workhorse to create this, the 510.403 Silverstone. It was never featured in…

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