‘Paul Newman’ Lip Genève 830 Chronograph


You know that meme that goes ‘Mom, can we get X?’ ‘We have X at home’. This might be the only meme-appropriate watch instance where X is both less expensive and just as cool, but fits the format. This is a Lip 830, but it’s know affectionately as the ‘Paul Newman’ Lip, for its likeness…

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Lip Genève ‘Paul Newman’ 830 Chronograph


Lip seems to be incapable of offering a vintage watch I don’t find hugely appealing. Maybe I’m vulnerable to the French disposition. This seems unlikely, however, as I’ve never bicycled while holding a baguette. More likely, I am attracted to the quirky nuance of their period designs, lack of pretentious BS, and approachable price points.…

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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 6263 Big-Eye

Rolex Daytona 6263 Big-Eye

For those uninitiated, sit comfortably and pour yourself a cup of coffee (or scotch, timezone dependent). The 6263 Big-Eye is one of my all time favorite references and here, over my morning coffee, I’ll explain why. I have been accused of being too partial to the great coronet, but there is a reason that ‘Rolex’…

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