Iraqi Air Force Issued 806 Navitimer


Breitling’s Navitimer and its logarithmic slide-rule bezel have remained a staple of aviation since inception. The 806 made its debut in 1954 at a massive 40mm with a very flat crystal. Those proportions, when combined with its distinctly flat crystal and . . .let’s be kind and call it ‘busy’ dial, are instantly recognizable to…

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Breitling 806 Twin Planes Navitimer


The Navitimer is easily the most recognizable Breitling in the manufacture’s illustrious history. It has been a favorite of pilots and posers since 1952. If anything, the brand was a victim of their own earned success. In truth, the Navitimer is a very credible and well-designed piece. The Breitling 806’s dial was the first to…

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