Mk4 072-02-01 Enicar Sherpa Graph


There is little that draws my eye like a damn lovely Sherpa Graph. The attraction is threefold: the obvious physical beauty, what an Enicar says about you (i.e. you know watches and care little for snobbery), and the value they present relative to other Valjoux 72 peers. Plus, there’s the collector community which is almost…

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Mk4 1680 Rolex ‘Red’ Submariner


The 1680 was not Rolex’s first Sub with a red line of text (that was probably the 6536/8), but it was the most widely-distributed watch to do so. It was definitively Rolex’s first Sub to introduce a date complication to the Sub line, which was distinct amongst its competitors. Ever curious where the famed cyclops…

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