Brushed Dial Movado M95 Sub Sea


There is a Scandinavian ideal known as Janteloven, which is a bit tricky to define but I’m going to try. Broadly, it’s a laughably egalitarian ideal that eschews any expressions of extreme individuality or success. In plain English, it’s a concept that aims to make the opposite of ostentation aspirational. Now, I enjoy a good…

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Francois Borgel M95 Movado in 14K Yellow Gold

Few watches tell the world that you know exactly what you’re doing like an FB-cased M95. When one has spent years immersed in the vintage world, they start recognizing shared componentry. You recognize a Singer made dial. You know that Zodiac is running a Valjoux 7734. And you know that one of the greatest case…

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Cartier Movado Super Sub Sea M95

The majority of quotes, particularly on social media, I find meaningless and unapplicable. One which has repeated with me through life, though, comes from Brooker T Washington: ‘The best way to lift one’s self up is to help some one else.’ Evidently, Cartier thought so too. Because despite what this dial may tell you, you’re…

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Francois Borgel Movado M95 in 18K YG


The M95 is a chronograph to tell the world you know precisely what you’re up to. Immense history, detail, and charm contained within a single chronograph that, for the most part, the watch public remain nearly oblivious toward. This is certainly one of those watches which, if spotted on the street or in a random…

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FB-Case, Black Gilt Dial Movado M95


Ask anyone truly in the vintage-watch-know for a category of watch that currently presents outsized value. I would bet at least half of them would flag Movado. In recent scholarship, watch enthusiasts have begun to highlight manufactures of individual component makers alongside brand stories. Singer dials, Valjoux moments, Frères bracelets, etc. Amongst the most notable…

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Fab Suisse-Dialed Movado M95


I am asked, it seems like every other day, what my vintage picks are for future appreciation. ‘Buy what you like and like what you buy’ is great advice, but not terribly practical or helpful. I don’t feel confident in much of today’s hyper-inflated market. One can only differentiate so many details in a Submariner…

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