2147 Daniel Roth Lemania Skeleton Chronograph


For being one of the most influential independent watchmakers to have ever walked the Earth, Daniel Roth is today not a part of the discourse in the way that Journe, Voutilainen, MB&F, or even Akrivia are. This, I suspect, is because Roth is not easily understood immediately; Roth requires study. There are multiple eras of…

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The Lemania Heuer 510.403 Silverstone


Heuer’s original TV-case Silverstone is an icon of 1970s race-timing and Heuer itself. Often seen on the wrist of Lauda’s F1 team, it has a certain magnetic appeal. Often forgotten, however, is the reference that design culminated in. In 1983, Heuer utilized Lemania’s 5100/5012 workhorse to create this, the 510.403 Silverstone. It was never featured in…

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