Lapis Dial 16618 Rolex Submariner


Stone dials are just for Day-Dates and Daytonas, right? Not exactly. The excess of the 90s led to the creation of two fantastically collectible ref. 16618 Submariners that ditched the tool watch Submariner remit in favor of the depth that comes from hardstone: one in onyx and one in this lapis. Yes, this is a…

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Lapis Dial 18038 Rolex Day-Date


Stone dial Rolex is having its day and I don’t think that’s for rarity alone. A stone dial gives what is ultimately a standardized product an edge of uniqueness as well as personal style. It’s kind of like ice cream, we all appreciate ice cream as a category and uniquely delicious ice cream, but everyone…

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Lapis Lazuli Dial 4316 Rolex King Midas Cellini

Last evening, Rhianna made some noises which could be described as music in front of 28.5M viewers. You may have gathered, I’m not terribly fussed over modern pop. But I am, you may be surprised to hear, a massive fan of Riri. Because she has been snapped a handful of times sporting a King Midas,…

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Lapis Lazuli 18038 Rolex Day-Date


If you thought the Day-Date couldn’t get more glamorous, you were wrong. Sure, Rolex’s Day-Date has played host to many an exotic dial. But even among the coveted stella, missoni, rubellite, wood burl, and aventurine dials, many consider the depth of lapis lazuli blue the most desirable. Moreover, this Lapis Lazuli is one without ornamentation, completely…

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Lapis Lazuli Jaeger Lecoultre Memovox


You will be aware, no doubt, of the legendary Memovox. Perhaps second only to the Reverso, the Memovox (shorthand for ‘the voice of memory’) is one of JLC’s most famed pieces. While the E855 reference is still fairly common, this particular E855 is not. The lion’s share of these references are overwhelmingly black and silvered…

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