‘Jo Siffert’ 1163T Mk4 Heuer Autavia

If you’re into Heuer or the vast watch-motorsport crossover, you’ll probably know the name Siffert, given to a certain ref. 1163T with a panda dial and blue accents . . .but you may not know why you should care. It’s often said that the stars which burn twice as bright last half as long. Certainly,…

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‘Jo Siffert’ Heuer Autavia 1163T Mark VI


An 1163 Autavia with a panda dial and blue accents should just be an 1163. Thanks to some very intriguing history, it is not. Heuer were among the very first houses to attempt the automatic chronograph. That Caliber II is not what we have today. Today, we have a simple manually-wound beauty focussed on going…

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