Japan-Only Grand Seiko SBGJ231 GMT


Japanese culture is only a recent fascination of the West—myself included. I have two Grand Seikos in my watchbox and Yamazaki 12 on my shelf. I adore both addictions. Japan has become so in-vogue in the last few years, however, that they’ve had to limit export. Yamazaki and Hibiki with age statements above 12 are…

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Kurono Tokyo JDM-Only Bullseye


Hajime Asaoka is a self-taught, high-end, and independent watchmaker taking on Swiss heavyweights. Moreover, winning against Swiss heavyweights. Asaoka started as a product designer. Like many of us he fell in love with horology. Unlike many of us, he started machining and tinkering. He read George Daniel’s bible, watched too much Youtube, and began machining…

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Japan-Only Grand Seiko SBGW235


Three-hand dress pieces don’t come much more classic than this quiet gem from Grand Seiko. Most of us saw the2017 SBGW231 37mm manual-wind dress model in the world’s media. However, as is often the way with Grand Seiko, if you looked a little deeper you would also see a Japan-only variant listed on the Japanese…

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