New-to-Market, Rare ‘Grey Racing’ 145.022-69 Speedmaster


Speedmaster collectors are notoriously as focussed, educated, and enthusiastic as any discipline of watch collector may come. Their scholarship is legendary and nearly unrivaled. Despite that, there are still some ultra-rare references that remain not fully researched. Rather, they are not fully understood. Over time, these darker corners of Speedy collecting are growing fewer and…

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The Ultra Rare ‘Grey Racing’ 145.022 Speedmaster


As any niche grows, its more obscure and dark corners begin to illuminate. Since the advent of our church, Hodinkee, Speedmasters have become a genre onto themselves. Collectors used to just refer to any 321 as pre-moon, casually. An original Mitsukoshi wasn’t pretending to be any special until the mid-2000s. Good luck finding one under…

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