Ghosted 145.012-67 Omega Speedmaster


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, I know, I’m a bit rough to look at. Perhaps that’s why I like the well-worn aesthetic of this 1967 145.012. I also find myself highly drawn to the reference, patination aside. This is what a watch guy thinks of when someone says the…

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An Honest Seiko 62MAS


One of the kings in all of vintage Seiko, the 1965 Seiko 62MAS was genesis for their quite popular modern dive series. The DNA is clearly visible throughout the current range. It was the first serious attempt to appeal to the new dive market, as all previous releases had 50m of resistance. The 150m on…

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Zenith A. Cairelli AMI CP-2

Zenith Cairelli AMI CP2

The Zenith A. Cairelli AMI CP-2 represents a high-water mark of effortless Italian style. In its period, Turin gave us the Type 33 Stradale, Quant gave the world the miniskirt, Florence gave us the true Vespa, and Zenith gave Italy’s Air Force the CP-2. All of the above mark high-water points as style icons. Succeeding…

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