‘Andretti’ 3646 Heuer Autavia Second Execution


Early Autavias are amongst the beautiful professional chronographs ever made. They have the historic chops to rival pre-moon Speedmasters and even Daytonas. Speaking plainly, the other two evolved more gracefully with age in the decades that followed. The current TAG Autavia I regard as a shell of its former self. But the true vintage Autavias,…

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‘Grand Prix de Monaco 1996’ 16520 Rolex Daytona


This is one of those rare occasions where a solid caseback is way, way more interesting than the dial. Simply engraved, ‘Grand Prix de Monaco 1996’, it unlocks a whole world of unknowns and potential history. We know for certain that in the ’96 Monaco Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher took pole with some controversy, causing…

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‘Jo Siffert’ Heuer Autavia 1163T Mark VI


An 1163 Autavia with a panda dial and blue accents should just be an 1163. Thanks to some very intriguing history, it is not. Heuer were among the very first houses to attempt the automatic chronograph. That Caliber II is not what we have today. Today, we have a simple manually-wound beauty focussed on going…

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