7149/0 Tudor Monte Carlo


In vintage, you’ll hear people who know a thing or two talk about condition like people in real estate talk about location. It’s everything. This is particularly the case in sport Rolex, where it’s well known that if you buy a watch with polished bevels Eric Wind will personally hunt down your entire family mercilessly…

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‘Paul Newman’ Lip Genève 830 Chronograph


You know that meme that goes ‘Mom, can we get X?’ ‘We have X at home’. This might be the only meme-appropriate watch instance where X is both less expensive and just as cool, but fits the format. This is a Lip 830, but it’s know affectionately as the ‘Paul Newman’ Lip, for its likeness…

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885107 ‘Exotic Nina’ Universal Genève Compax

There aren’t many chronographs which can be described honestly as on par with a Paul Newman. This one can be, and it’s an order of magnitude less dear as well. It’s not just that it’s a Valjoux 72, hundreds of references were powered by one. It’s a Singer-made dial. It’s exotic. It was produced in…

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Exotic Dial 73443T Heuer Camaro Dato


While the Camaro is not a particularly rare chronograph, some executions are harder to come by than others. The exotic dial 73443 with a date at six is one of the more scarce and attractive. The Camaro was Jack Heuer’s attempt to capture the heart of the American muscle car market in watch form, strategically…

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Exotic 181102 Universal Genève Tri-Compax


No one needed convincing that the depth of Universal Genève’s archives rival the Mariana Trench. And yet, like hearing a 911 guy repeatedly drone on to you about how a rear engined platform actually gives you more weight over the rear axle, I’m going to reiterate the point anyway. This is not one of the…

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